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South American Rhythms Applied to the Rhythm Section

with Karina Colis

All About Bass!

with Katie Thiroux

Discuss sound, time, feel and the role of the bass from small group to big band

Developing meaningful language of your own

with Audrey Ochoa

Jazz language is central to improvisation. Acquiring and playing jazz vocabulary is important to communicating within the idiom, but it's also important to spend some time developing language of your own to help you sound more like yourself.  

Where the melody ends and the solo begins

with Dawn Clement

How To Add Rhythmic Variety and Bebop Vocabulary to Your Solos

with Dr. Idit Shner

Starting a phrase on beat one, over and over, with the one of the chord is a college jazz epidemic. We'll discuss different strategies to get away from this nasty habit and enrich both rhythmic and bebop vocabulary when soloing.

How to establish your own musical voice

with Nadje Noordhuis

How To Practice

with Mimi Fox

A step-by-step system for organizing practice time by covering the three essential musical building blocks: melody, harmony, and rhythm. Using songs as the template we will cover application of scales, arpeggios, chord voicings, rhythmic concepts, and more to learn tunes in depth, expand repertoire, and maximize practice time. For all instruments and voice.